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Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Blasted MUNI

This is what the back of your J-Church streetcar looks like when a transformer blows out in front of you, and you're stuck in the tunnel, and the driver is trying to signal the driver of the N-Judah behind you to back out of the tunnel so you can back out too, and meanwhile your daughter is about to perform at a cabaret and you left 45 minutes early just to make sure you'd have plenty of time if MUNI were to be delayed. "Delayed," that is, not "Shut Down Until 5AM."

So we missed the show. Cousin Seattle was there though, and she texted us that it all went great.

Might have driven, but the car is in the shop, due to the pond of water in the back seat due to the bi-yearly VW sunroof issues. It may be time for ol' Fritz to be heading down to the biergarten in the sky.

Spoke to The Great FiveHead today. Tomorrow is 35 weeks. Yahoo!


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