The Great Plotnik

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Perhaps Plotnik was harsh in his review of Kelly Clarkson yesterday. He had heard only the first two stanzas of the patriotic song she was singing because he ran out of the room before she could do him any more damage. On the news last night he heard the end of the song and her voice sounded fine. It was in tune and loud, which is a step up from out of tune and loud. Just because she got her start on American Idol doesn't mean she can't sing loudly. So, Kelly, take this as a sincere apology from your fellow American small-i idol, The Great Plotnik.

(Before Plotnik apologized, he looked up the word "apology." Then he called his friend Lance Armstrong, who said "just tell your readers you are sorry for whatever they are all, like, upset about, and then pretend you care."

(Plotnik does care. He is afraid he is starting to sound even more curmudgeonly than in the past. He does not want to be the American Grumpus.)

He was also somewhat critical of President Obama's speech, and that wasn't fair either. Today, the news agencies are all lauding the President for, basically, not apologizing to the Republicans for winning. This is considered "more presidential and more confident."

Plot is on his side, though a pie in Mitch McConnell's face would not have been received with frowning in these quarters.  And it was nice to read all the accounts of Michelle's dresses and gowns. It is heartening to realize the nation still cares about important things.

Like Downton Abbey. To paraphrase Maggie Smith: "Oh, you Americans. I piffle in your poofle."

OK, OK! Sorry. Sorry! I mean it. Sincerely.


At 4:05 PM, Blogger mary ann said...

I loved everything about it ~ maybe because 4 years ago I had to work and missed the entire thing. I think the youngest had a slight pout when entering the church early in the day ~ I believe I've seen that look. Too cute, really.

At 6:53 PM, Blogger bronwen said...

What about an apology to your formerly teenage daughter? Sheesh!


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