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Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day

The Great P-Dunk brought home cards, flowers and candy for his three Valentines. The one on the left, with the chocolate bar, says Isabella, the one in the middle says Mom and the one on the right says GreatFiveHead. Daffodils, roses and everyone gets to split the chocolate.

Plot and Duck gave each other tickets to The Book of Mormon and a night out on the town, plus all the chocolate they can eat is just lying around the house.

Meanwhile, Baby Des, who Isabella calls Mister Muscles, is starting to play with stuff. He is still in sleep mode most of the time, when he's not insisting on being fed. His eyesight seems to be improving, It's so intriguing to watch an infant and try to figure out what they are figuring out.

Above all, it's still all about mom, first, and then dad. Des must recognize their scent and maybe their tactile closeness. Big Sis, Papa and Bobo have our moments too, but we're not Mom or Dad.

Plottie called his mom on Valentine's Day too. He never forgets this gift he has been given.

And earlier in the day they got a text from The Great BZWZ in Goa, who was preparing for her talk, that is probably over now. After that she stays there for another week, on the tropical coast of India, supposedly working on her dissertation, while drinking organic cocktails out of free-range coconut shells. Then it's off to Singapore, Jakarta and Sulawesi.

Fortunately, Plotnik bought the What? Me Worry? app from the Apple Store. He's not concerned in the least for her safety now. Tropical island a million miles from anywhere? Out on a boat digging holes in the bottom of a lake? Snakes, microbes, terrorists? Is there a Popular Front for the Liberation of Sulawesi?

What? Me worry?


At 1:41 AM, Blogger bronwen said...

I'll be safe if you just remember that I'm your Valentine too!


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