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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

It's 8 to 1, Kiwis

We went down and sat on the seawall in the Marina today and watched the Kiwis beat the US again, so they are ahead 8 to 1 in a Best of Nine. They would have wrapped up the America's Cup in the second race of the day, except the wind picked up and they had to postpone the last race until tomorrow.

You can pay $115 for a seat in the grandstand, or you can walk in front of the grandstand and sit with your feet dangling over the water for free. I suspect nearly everyone in the stands is from New Zealand. When they announced the Kiwi boat had won the race (we couldn't see the finish line from where we were) many flags were unfurled in the grandstand and there was a lot of cheering.

Not many people in the concession areas, though. Didn't hear anyone cheering either. But it's kind of a shame. It's awesome to watch these boats roar through all the wind and changing currents.

The best seat in the house was reserved by the sea gulls.

Let's face it. America loves football, not sailing. This boat race has nothing to do with either America or national pride and it is little else but a contest that incredibly wealthy people play against other incredibly wealthy people. But the boats go faster than the wind itself, and the technology that keeps them upright is right out of a futuristic science book. It's still about sailing and skill, in the end, not about Larry Ellison and his Alcatraz-sized ego.

It was a fabulous day. Duck kind of forced Plot into going, and he's very grateful he went along for the ride. Gorgeous day over the water? How can you beat this?


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