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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Don't worry. Be happy.

Life is good. Don't fly American. But life is good. Barb's Travel Advice: "We're on vacation. We'll get there."

But American -- new name AmAeroflot, with their aging fleet -- two planes yesterday, and both had to be taken out of service and new ones brought in. The one in Dallas arrived from Miami so late and in such bad condition that the pilot made the sign of a knife across his throat as he got off, shaking his head. We sat four hours in Dallas waiting for the new plane. At least it came. Barb was right. We did get to San Juan. At 4am.

When we threw open the curtain this morning this is what we saw:

But we didn't even stay  -- took a taxi to the ferry at Fajardo and jumped on the 11:30 to the island of Vieques. Here we are.

Tomorrow we'll cross over to the other side of the island and hook up with Captain Crow and Navigator Finch and get on the boat. Today, a nap. Tonight, we go to town.


At 11:26 AM, Blogger Linda Davick said...

Will there be presents?

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