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Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Today is the Second Day of the Rest of Your Life

...if yesterday were the first. So the First Day is the party and the Second Day you clean up.

Notes from yesterday's annual Snowy Valley Voice Labor Day Party:


1) The older people get, the more they drink.

2) Small bottled Pellegrinos are 'way better than large bottled Pellegrinos. Same is true for sodas. Small ones mean you don't have to throw away large ones with two sips taken out of them.

3) Beer on a hot day.

4) Next year, don't forget to bring out the Limoncello.

5) It's amazing how many empty wine bottles can fit in the blue can.


1) You can never have enough chicken sate or green curry mayo.

 2) The same is probably true for hamburgers.

3) Use the giant flat kubiddeh skewers for the chicken. Not only do they cook the sate an inch or so off the bbq, but they are sharp on the end, so you'll have them to force your way through the crowd to get to the butcher block.

4) Two blueberry-nectarine-strawberry cobblers is about right, but you need to get to them fast or you're out of luck.

5) Serving dishes and serving utensils are nice, but after five minutes around the buffet table it's every plate for itself. Chaos reigns. Might as well serve everything on a flat rock.

General Comments

1) Ususally, it only takes one person to play a guitar.

2) People from out of town take up more space than people from here. This is not a value judgement, just an empirical observation, year after year.

   2a) Never forget that we live in The Bubble.

3) The party isn't as much fun without Officer Lorraine. No stories this year of chasing the naked man through the cheese store.

4) RSVPs that say "Yes" and "No" mean something. The ones that say "Maybe" mean "Yes."
   4a) Most people don't bother responding.

5) When your friends' little kids, who came to the party as infants, bring their own children, you're old.
6) A party is the most fun when you know and like everybody.

   6a) But when it's too crowded, you don't get a chance to talk with your special friends.

   6b) People who take pictures never take pictures of themselves, so you don't have any of them.

7) You have to remember to charge up the Jawbone the day before.

8) Your Second Day is the First Day for skunks and raccoons and your garbage.

9) Noel and Evan have been bringing their guitars to the party for years and we're going to have to get Evan a guitar case.

2014 was the record-breaker for most people in World Headquarters at one time. So we need to get working on the Avocado Tree House.


At 4:04 PM, Blogger mary ann said...

it was indeed a splendid party!


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