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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Late July in Our Garden

Gardeners in S.P. are convinced the world is coming to an end because so many plants are blooming out of season, like these red clivia above. Three stalks in July on a plant that usually blooms only in Spring. Clivia will bloom outside up here, but when you bring a blooming plant into the house it will stay in flower for two months. Then, out it goes again, into dappled shade, or until the Apocalypse.

These are gladiolae, or gladioluses, or glads, or Plural of Gladiolus, next to Italian Parsley.

Dahlias, under the lemon tree.

Some kind of exotic lily whose name I can't remember, something like Lilium PreDisastrum. Bought it at Annie's. It generally blooms right before a tsunami. Up here on the hill we should be fine as the waters create new shorefront property, and the lilies should flourish.

Casablanca Lilies. Looks like the start of a beautiful friendship. You old guys get that.

Agapanthus in the foreground, and in the background the area called Plotnik's Folly, soon to contain a small Writer's Cottage/Playhouse on the right, and contemplative seating area on the left. Construction is scheduled to begin, sort of, in a way, kinda, before too long, or thereabouts, unless, you know, End of Earth.


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I'm glad scientists don't use your disaster lilies to predict natural disasters. :)


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