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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Caroline, Or Change. Plus: A Contrast

Last night, Plot and Duck drove down the 280 to the Mountain View Center for Performing Arts. It's a beautiful drive, past reservoirs and past Shmanford and past Shmupertino and...wait a minute, isn't Mountain View over on the other side, near the...Ducknik, look at the Mapquest, aren't we supposed mean, I should have turned...where, why didn't...rats.

Still, there was plenty of time to eat a very nice dinner in an empty Asian restaurant called TASTE (coconut chicken, lime-glazed salmon), and then walk over to MVCPA. The show was fabulous: Tony Kushner's operetta "Caroline, or Change." You can read the San Francisco Theater Blog Review HERE but don't expect "Angels in America."

The night was positively balmy. There is something to said here about the contrast between: 1) driving 45 minutes to the Peninsula's Asian suburbs to find easy parking on the street across the street from the show, a choice of tasty and inexpensive ethnic restaurants, beautiful (HOT!) weather, well-dressed theater goers and smiling passers-by on the street; and 2) slogging up and down Bush Street and Leavenworth and Mason and Sutter looking for a parking place, dodging the homeless winos who are waiting to pee on your rear tire and everybody you pass on the street is screaming at someone else. Just saying, that's all.


At 4:41 PM, Anonymous notthatlucas said...

It's easy to miss Mountain View when you are driving down the 280 Speedway. And it's great to have you down in our neck of the woods!

The 'burbs ain't the city, which is why I like it here.


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