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Monday, October 04, 2010

Mmmm, Latte

Ah, a delicious latte and wireless internet in a cafe in Culpepper, Virginia, and you can go on and on about the glories of the simple life in Colonial America (as long as you were a wealthy, landed, slaveholding planter) but they didn't have Google and they had no way to find out whether or not the Giants had actually won the pennant.

But Plotnik found out last night by talking to his nephew in Stiletto City, on one of these newfangled cellphone thingamabobs, while taking a break from the glorious orchestra rehearsal in Fredricksburg, VA, where Ducknik's very old friend Linda was playing viola in anticipation of a concert this coming weekend.

50 instruments, no microphones, no electronics, in a church with good acoustics. There really isn't any sound like it. Plot and Duck stayed last night with Linda and her husband Jim at their home on Lake Anna, somewhere between Fredricksburg and Orange, Virginia, where James Madison's home has now been restored and is open for tourists.

How was touring the old plantation? Ehhhh. Just about as boring as the African Burial Grounds in NYC. Both fascinating stories, but the actual tourist attraction doesn't come up to much. But that 200 year old Cedar of Lebanon on top was given to James Madison by the Marquis de Lafayette and is over 200 years old.

Plotnik felt really strange this weekend without that umbilical internet connection and he's not able to say to you without lying that he enjoyed being cut off. And he doesn't like it that this is true.

Plot will write about the High School Reunion and the quite astonishingly interesting colonial dream-brought-to-life-city of Williamsburg tomorrow. Right now it's late in the afternoon and time to find something to eat in anticipation of a 10pm flight west. And the coffee shop is closing and they just CUT OFF THE INTERNET! So all you get is a few photos for now.

Who tol' ya, Giants fans? Who tol' ya?


At 8:32 PM, Anonymous jj-aka-pp said...

So, still waiting on the HS reunion story. Start with why it was not in Manhasset.

Then, let's talk about the playoffs. I love that the Braves combine two of my most favorite and DRAMATIC THEATRE!

So, to your adopted Giants I say...


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