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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Adios Whitman and Fiorina: Back in the Graveyard for You!

Body Body Party Party! No more Meg and no more Snarly!

At least we can say there are two less wealthy incompetents in the political picture.

Can't say the same about the rest of the country, but Plotnik isn't too concerned about it. He remembers David Gergen saying, on the night of the great euphoria of Obama's inaugaration: "Enjoy this now. By 2010 you will get blamed for everything." And so it has come to pass, children.

This man's gut feeling is that the country still likes Obama. They absolutely despised Nancy Pelosi. So she's gone and this cannot hurt Obama.

Why did they hate Nancy Pelosi so much? Oh, you can make yourself feel better by wrapping yourself up in the "America can't stand powerful women" mantra if you like, but that's only part of it. Nancy Pelosi was seen as a non-compromising, hard-edged ideologue. Plotnik felt it too. He did not trust her to do good for the country first - she was dedicated to the ascendancy of the Democratic Party. Party over all else.

Or this is how she came off, and remember that Plotnik agreed with most of what she managed to get passed.

But he doesn't care two hairs off Brian Wilson's beard about the Democratic Party, except that they're 'way better than Republicans. This is not a healthy way to think and vote. And living and dying for a political party is just stupid.

And think about it: the Tea Party-ers who are so up-in-arms about the national debt, didn't care at all when Bush started it all off by fighting useless, punitive wars and siding with financial deregulation. Tea Party-ers say they hate spending but that ain't it, folks. They hate Pelosi and they hate Obama.

There are lots of very bad reasons this is so.

But they have honest complaints too. The Dems wouldn't listen when they didn't have to. Now they do.

This is all good. Now the right wing can't blame congress. Let's just see what happens.


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