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Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Play Doh Rooster

Put Play Doh in front of a scientist and you end up with this.

But we took her to the airport this morning and by the time you read this BZWZ will be on her way to Phoenix and then on to Providence. Auntie B. was smart enough not to book a plane change through Chicago or any other eastern city, so she ought to get home roughly on time.

Meanwhile, B-Bone got a little sick yesterday, so the Brooklyn Plots have delayed their departure one day, oh geez Duck and Plot are SOOO upset that has happened. But they'll just have to bear up with the pain of having these three around the house for 24 more hours.

So now the whole point is to figure out when we can all be in the same place at the same time again. Looks possibly like the end of March in Puerto Rico. Could happen. Plot is trying to put that together right now.


At 9:46 PM, Blogger mary ann said...

Puerto Rico sounds ideal.

At 10:34 AM, Anonymous Cousin Seattle said...

That is what happens if you put play-dough in front of YOUR scientist. Put it in front of this one, and you'd get a pile of poo!


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