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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Two New Pins!

The Great BZWZ placed her two new pins on the map last night, one in (name unpronouncable), Jordan, down near Petra, and the other in Amman.

The pin in Amman is smaller because TECHNICALLY, since she did not actually spend the night there, a pin would not be awarded to that city; however after all the severe schlepping and time spent in that airport after the luggage and gear were lost for so many days, the Committee has agreed to grant an Airport Sympathy Pin. Airport Sympathy Pins are always earned with hard, slimy sweat.

And all it takes for the small pin to become a large pin is for anyone in the family to spend a night in Amman. See? Easy!

What is not easy, in fact what is impossible to explain, is how every new pin that goes on the map seems to make more new holes appear. More always gives the impression of less. How does this happen?

Plot thinks the answer is all the other nearby places that seem naked without their own pins. Damascus. Beirut. Tel Aviv. Cairo. Alexandria. Aleppo, in Syria, where that great red pepper comes from. Adana, in Turkey, with those fabulous kebabs. Cyprus. Rhodes. The Colossus of Rhodes! Criminy, that's just two pins' creating that many new holes. We've got a whole map full of headaches like these.


At 8:28 PM, Anonymous Cousin Seattle said...

You could fill it up more quickly by letting certain semi-globe-trotting cousins put pins in!


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