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Thursday, December 09, 2010

Wikileaks Schmicky Leaks

As always, Plottie is in the middle over the flap about Wikileaks.

Forget your political progressive conservative whatever stance, and understand this:

1) People will go to jail and die in foreign countries because of Julian Assange's ego. It has nothing to do with truth.

2) He'll be put away too. Like this rape charge they're drumming up. They'll figure out a way to totally screw him up and it will have nothing to do with truth either.

3) He's no patriot. A patriot would have a cause. Wikileaks is in it for the attention.

4) He's got the attention. I promise you there are twenty five screenplays in production right now and it won't be long 'til you see Brad Pitt or Sean Penn as Julian Assange.

5) The shit our government does is the shit every government does, and it's all lies and it's all business as usual. If any of this shocks you, you are delusional.

6) Most Important: Wikileaks has done us a huge favor. Where did these leaks come from? Are we really that technologically ignorant? If hackers around the world want to get us, is it this easy? Could some foreign or domestic enemy paralyze the country with a more sophisticated hack?

We'd better wake up. Thank you Wikileaks for making it even more obvious.


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