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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Out of the Blue, a Very Nice Wedding

Plot and Duck got a phone call on Sunday from Athena and Carlo, their friends and next-door neighbors. Carlo asked "So what are you doing Tuesday morning?"

Turns out Athena and Carlo were getting married at City Hall at 10:30am, so Plot and Duck went along as their witnesses.

It's a pretty place for a wedding, if you stay upstairs under the dome. Downstairs, in the Hall of Records, where you have to sign the papers and witness forms and receive your marriage license, not so romantic...unless you like being called "Wedding 24859.574J. Next!"

The kids, Avanna and Monty were fine, except that Monty got sick the day before and was throwing up all day on Monday.

Yesterday he refrained from upchucking but didn't feel too good. He only perked up at lunch when dessert came with a cherry on top.

Avanna mostly hid between the columns at City Hall and ran up and down the huge stairs.

Then, last night Plot and Duck saw a show by comedian Chris Titus. They laughed a lot, but Plot can't figure out why anyone would want to pay $42 to see what felt like a cable TV special. Is humor truly generational?

Great comics make you realize this is not so, that when impossible situation meets impossible situation it's just funny, period. Comics that are not at that level make you think it's all about current events. Do we really need to keep laughing about George Bush and Dick Cheney? Was it ever funny?


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