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Monday, April 02, 2012

The Noozle and The Teenage Fly

It's been fun to have Noozle and the Teenage Fly here for a few days. Formerly known as Fefnik and Vashnik, when they were formally aligned with Plottie's nephew Nefnik, now that they are all on their own they required new names. The Fly, whose real name in Farsi means something like powerful black stallion, actually behaves like the perfect Teen Fly. He bugs his mother constantly with the most perfect and innocent refusals to behave like she would like him to. He chuckles about it. She buzzes around in circles. He climbed the avocado tree yesterday. It's wonderful to see them.

In the afternoon Athena and Carlo came over with Baby Vaughn, almost a week old now.

Since Carlo and Athena and Noozle are all scientists and specialists in one or another form of cancer research, they had a lot to talk about, while eating guacamole made perfect with the addition of sweet Persian lime. Baby Vaughn sleeps and eats, sleeps and eats. He may be a cat.

They are repairing that old suspension bridge at Point Bonita lighthouse. It will open to the public in a few weeks. It's always beautiful out there on a sunny day.


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