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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

10-10-12 Madrid

Scroll down and see the Spanish folklorico guitar that Plotnik won't buy. 950 pesos or 950 reales would be one thing, but 950 Euros is something else again.

The guitar maker himself, Juan Alvarez, is selling his own guitars in the Juan Alvarez guitar shop, which is a tiny hole in the wall palace filled with guitars, lauds, sawdust and two stools. Plottie let the customer from Ukraine finish before Plottie sat down on the stool with the guitar he would not let himself fall in love with and then would not buy.

Barrio de Letras neighborhood is filled with major culture, like El Prado Museum, shops, bars, and tapas, tapas, tapas.

The real reason Plottie is doing this right now is to keep from falling asleep at 8pm, after fighting all day to stay awake, after the red-eye, which followed the layover after the all day flight yesterday.

You can also see central Spain from the air. Looks like Shmalifornia.

The Hostal Gonzalo is friendly, cheap, safe, and in a great neighborhood, but not exactly luxurious. We're on the third floor, With another hostel on the second floor, and another on the first floor, and remember that in Spain the third floor is on the third floor, unlike in America where floor three is actually only two floors up.

On this crummy Eye Pud Blogger Ap, you can download photos but you can't put them in any order. The Machine decides.


Went to sleep. Woke up at 1am, at 2am, at 3am, fully rested. The people in the apartment across the narrow street are talking, lots of 'em, laughing, drinking, enjoying themselves. It's around 4am. Madrid.


At 1:38 PM, Blogger mary ann said...

oh, so beautiful ~ have a great time!

At 6:39 PM, Blogger notthatlucas said...

So how was the guitar? Love the other pictures too.


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