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Friday, October 12, 2012

10-12B: Segovia

Segovia is the first city in Spain that has taken our breath away. Segovia was so important to the Romans that they built this enormous aqueduct to carry running water into their fortress. There are no earthquakes here. This perfectly cut stone water channel, constructed in place with no mortar, and running for 15 miles at the perfect slope for water to flow, have remained in use since the 1st Century.

Put another way, that's like future people looking back from the 41st Century on our accomplishments. I doubt they'll want to drink our water.

Segovia not only has the Romans to consider, but it was also the home of Queen Isabella, the same Queen who sent Columbus to the Dominican Republic, unified Spain and kicked out the Moors and the Jews. You can see the throne where she and Ferdinand were crowned King and Queen of Castille and Aragon. The large tapestry below chronicles the event.

Medieval walls still surround the town of Avila, on the way to Segovia.

Jesus and his fellow cross-mates, with the Roman soldier underneath, is from the lovely old church in Avila, and dates from the 12th Century


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