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Monday, September 30, 2013

Stiletto and Padrón

Coming home from Stiletto City after a weekend visiting Mummy P. always leaves us exhausted, a little congested, a little sad, a little hopeful, a little perplexed and a little amazed that this woman just tosses aside the things she can't do and continues to do the things she can.

These days, that is mostly eating. She has gotten into that protected spot on the Parcheesi board where they can't send you back to the beginning so why not eat whatever and whenever you like? None of us can keep up with her.

Last night Lilian made pupusas con curtido, and we listened to Salvadoran music sitting around Mummy P.'s dining table. Saturday, Shmeckl and Little Bear came over to barbecue, and later on Nefnik and his girlfriend came too. Nef, Plot and Duck sat up until into the wee hours talking about just about everything.

Saw a document on Saturday from the tax assessor for the paid property taxes of Rose and Sherman for the house on Angus Street in Silverlake for the year 1946. How much do you think they paid?

If you said $200 or more you're wrong.

Ricky remembers it was a big house. Plot remembers the trap door in the closet that took you down a ladder to a basement, out of which you could walk onto the hillside. Then, there was nothing there but dirt and an old grocery store; today, at the bottom of that hillside is Trader Joe's and all the craziness of Hipsterville, L.A. Houses start at a million bucks and head north.

In 1946: maybe they paid $10,000 for that house. Maybe.

Above photo: one padrón pepper, by hiding in and amongst the tomatoes, snuck by us and turned red, If any more do that, the plant will turn off and that'll be it for fresh tapas. Right now, there are still plenty of padrones on the plants and tonight we'll eat whatever we can find. Kind of like Mummy P.


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