The Great Plotnik

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Last Night on Vieques, Arrival on Culebra.

Last night's dinner routine: help sun down from sky into sea. Add to zen of twilight with rum punches. Talk with Captain while bbq-ing under a million stars. Tonight Big Dipper is directly off the bow, pointing straight down into the sea.The waning moon will rise in half an hour, occluding stars. That's when we'll eat. No point in competing with an almost-full moon.

This morning: sail to Culebra. Sails creaking, hull slicing through water. The Captain and First Mate handle all important tasks. Third Mate and Bucketeer help out in a primarily ceremonial fashion, like "Atta boy, Cap'n."  The scent of salt and sea on face. 

Dewey Harbor looks exactly like it did three years ago. We have heard more birds and seen more fish in half an hour here than in four days on Vieques. Today we wash clothes and buy a few provisions, perhaps have a meal out.  Another fish just jumped out of the water.


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