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Monday, March 24, 2014

REUAB: ruoF sratS with a ELGNAB!

We saw one of the best plays of the year on Saturday night, we in our regular seats and Mr. FishWrap from the Saint Plotniko Incomprehensibbul in his. This morning I opened the Bbul to read Mr. Wrap's review. Sometimes Mrs. LaDuque (my co-reviewer) and I wonder if we have been in the same theater on the same evening as others in the press. The play is superlative, the actors brilliant, the audience was enthused and the ovations long. And yet, the Little Man remains on his chair, half-sleeping, or, perhaps, drugged.

It is true that sometimes they grab ya and sometimes they don't. Mr. Plot and Mrs. LaDuque got grabbed. But although * The San Francisco Theater Blog *'s audience is spectacularly well-informed, its numbers trail  those of The Saint Plotniko Incomprehensibbul, and so the word that will be out there will be Mr. Wrap's, not Mr. Plotnik's.

All right, the word "trail," although accurate, can be said to be misleading. But let us never forget that " "Saint Plotniko Incomprehensibbul" has but three words while "* San Francisco Theater Blog *" contains four. This conveys a 25% advantage to SFTB, and does not even add in the two (2) *s.

We hope you go to see this show. Translate the title in the usual way and then head over to You Know Where to read a 'way more enthusiastic review than was written by Mr. FishWrap over his burnt bagel and cup of steaming hot pee.


At 10:04 PM, Anonymous jj etc said...

glad you liked to play :-)

At 6:58 PM, Blogger mary ann said...

we agree with you on this great play!


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