The Great Plotnik

Monday, March 31, 2014

Two Sleepy People

But worth every minute. This morning Desi woke up at 4:50, after last night we sat around sipping bourbon and talking with The Great Dance-nik. We'd hoped Des would sleep in this morning. But he's so merry in the early morning that I almost forget how heavy my eyelids feel. Now it's 11am and Des got picked up for a playdate so Ducknik and Plotnik will try to catch up for an hour or two's sleep before he comes home.

The Great Plotnik's Grandson loves to eat. If you eat something, he walks or crawls or kneewalks over and wants to try some. And he's insistent about it. His favorite foods are: all of them. Isabella is very good with him, until she just can't stand it anymore. Last night she sat on the toilet in the bathroom, reading her book, and when I called in to ask how she was doing she said "I'm constipated" and when I asked if she was sure she said "I've got five more pages."

Desi had his first run this morning, chasing after Isabella in the living room. We were trying to hurry her to get dressed so she wouldn't be late for school, but Desi wanted to play too. Walking to school the streets were very cold but the school is warm and cozy. I'll pick B-Bone up this afternoon and we'll walk over to Sushi-D to bring home sushi for dinner. Desi will probably send us back for seconds. Man I love these kids.


At 9:55 AM, Blogger notthatlucas said...

Five pages of constipation! That's one dang smart kid! Lack of sleep is temporary - spending so much quality time with the grandkids is makes it worth it.

And I'm sorry that your Dodgers will not be going undefeated this season. (HA! As if.)

At 1:55 PM, Blogger mary ann said...

Brian Wilson blew the game last night.
This is a fun post ~ how come Ducknik looks OUTSTANDING and you look so tired?


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