The Great Plotnik

Sunday, September 07, 2014

Morning at the Tropical


 Had to go to the Tropical for a guyaba con queso and orange juice with Mom and Anna this morning before I got on the plane. Mummy P. couldn't remember ever having been there before, but The Tropical never was her place. It was the Plotnik hangout from the moment we arrived in LA until we all left. In the old days it was run by angry old Cubans who hated Fidel, now it's a hipster hangout run by younger Cubans who have Che and Fidel's photos on the wall.

Spent a delightful evening with Nefnik and Lillnik last night after Mummy P. went to sleep. This was a short trip to Stiletto, but a nice one. Home already, waiting until late tonight to go to SFO to pick up Ducknik who has been visiting the Great BZWZ in Boulder for the weekend.


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