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Monday, October 05, 2015

Olives and Baseball

We get to think about baseball this week and the Good Guys play at least three more games. I'll fly down to see Game Two in Stiletto City this weekend, and then spend some time with Mom. After that, well, we'll just see.

Looks like the Cuba trip is going to be postponed, due to December pricing and also that we just got a letter from our friends who were here during the summer, and who live in Bologna. It looks like it's a good olive year and they've invited us to come for the harvest on their family property in Calabria. We just may do it -- expensive as it is to fly to southern Italy, it's no more than getting to Havana in December from San Francisco.

The last possible day for any baseball to be played, should any team, you know, that we might favor, though the thought is unlikely, actually get that far, would be November 4. Harvest starts around November 8. Just sayin'.


At 6:51 PM, Blogger notthatlucas said...

Obviously, Mr. Puig would tell you to go to Cuba and he will pick up the cost. Also obviously, Tommy would tell you to go to the olive ranch in Italy, and to not worry about the cost. I hear Omaha is nice that time of year.


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