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Monday, May 11, 2009

The Little Girl in the Nate Robinson Jersey, JadeNik's Baby Shower, and THE Cookies.

Memo to Spike Lee: This is what it feels like to be a Knicks fan.

Meanwhile, yesterday was the baby shower for The Great JadeNik. Remember that old aphorism about how pregnant women shine?

The Great JadeNik and The Great NickNik (Plotnik has been waiting a long time to give Nickie his Plotnik name) live in Stiletto City, in the old 'hood, and the little plotzito or plotzita is due in the middle of July.

One thing is certain: they are going to have a wacky and wonderful little baby.

JadeNik has the good fortune to have an aunt and uncle with a gorgeous home in Claremont -- one of those 1920s ultra-gracious homes with mature redwoods on the front lawn and rooms giving onto other rooms which lead to little stairways and cozy sun porches.

It's hard not to love the weather in the East Bay. We Fogheads do yammer on about our cool and crisp blue days, but over there you get all that plus 10 more hot degrees. Since college, Plottie had always figured he would some day live in Beserkely, and maybe when he and Duckniks' bones get brittle they will totter across the bay and find two nice packing boxes to live in, in the hills, with redwood trees, a large garden, tomatoes the size of beach balls and HD you can grab out of the air.

By the way, Plotnik proposed to this woman yesterday. Her name is Blanche and she made the most delicious cookies Plot or Duck, or half a dozen other guests at the party, had ever tasted. Duck just rolled her eyes when Plottie proposed, but she knew what he was talking about.

(You can make them too, but first you have to cook gallons of goat's milk for eight hours until it reduces. Or find someone who is willing to do it. Ah, Blanche.)


At 4:00 PM, Blogger mary ann said...

Love the basketball girl and that house!


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