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Sunday, July 04, 2010

Happy Fourth. Cover Your Ears, Mischief

It's the Fourth of July and that flag is for Argentina who went up against Germany in the World Cup yesterday and got shplonked. Cabezas will surely roll in Buenos Aires but that's nothing new.

This second flag is for us. You can buy this Sun-Glo Special Flag at Target for only $71.99.

Plotnik is thinking about poor Mischief this morning, whose ear-alarms always used to go crazy when they lived in Stiletto City and all the local folks were shooting off cherry bombs and bottle rockets. To him this was even worse than the vacuum cleaner. It was probably somewhat easier for him when they moved to Prospect Park but now that they're in (Not That) Clinton Hill it's hard to know what awaits the poor puppy.

What awaits Plot and Duck is a visit with the legendary Mollie Maguire and the opening of the new Mime Troupe musical in Dolores Park, followed by bbq kalbi ribs and corn bread baked in the Duck's Providence cast iron molds.

Then a huge fireworks show which will be, as it is every year, completely invisible. The fog should roll in around two hours before the fireworks start. We'll hear it - ka boom, pop pop pop, ka boom, but all we'll see is sort of redness and sort of whiteness out over that fogbank they call Saint Plotniko Bay.


At 10:59 AM, Blogger notthatlucas said...

So I did some research on Uruguay, the last Western Hemi team left, and found that it's the "Oriental Republic of Uruguay." Based on what Argentina and Brazil have put them through over the years, there is some justice here.

Hopefully, like our dog, Mischief has lost just enough hearing to not be bothered tonight.


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