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Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Great Marathon

The Great Plotnik and Great Ducknik participated in a marathon yesterday, not unlike Mr. and Mrs. NotThatLucas. The difference is that the NotThats train for theirs, whereas Plot and Duck just showed up at the theater at 11:15am to see the new Afghanistan Trilogy. The first show began at 11:30, second at 3:30 and third at 8pm.

There were many people helping the marathoners, including the Turkish restaurant on Shattuck at 2:30 and the Persian restaurant at 7pm. You could receive hydration (white, red or champagne) after the final show.

Both Plot and Duck were able to finish the marathon, though Plot needed to be slapped awake at the finish line. He dropped off a few times earlier, but was able to continue the competition without losing a step.

There were several brilliant and memorable moments in two of the three shows, but overall it was a little like being in Traffic School with the lecturer giving you two conflicting lessons: "Don't Drive Drunk!" and "Here's a glass of scotch."

In the case of Afghanistan, the conflicting messages received, after eight hours of theater, were:

1) Don't run out on Afghanistan in 2011.

2) However, run for your lives as fast as you can.

Plotties's favorite line was: "The Taliban has time. America has all the fancy watches."

Also: "Is America on its Ninth Year in Afghanistan or its First Year for the ninth time?"

Yeah, it's just a play. Not reality. Nuh nuh. Nope. Nothing at all to worry about.

You can read the San Francisco Theater Blog review of "The Great Game: Afghanistan" here.


At 7:35 PM, Blogger notthatlucas said...

Oh I beg to differ - you trained for this marathon a lot. I've seen how much theater you go to - if anyone could pull this of, it was you. (I would have failed miserably and most likely missed those two great lines.)


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