The Great Plotnik

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hard Working People

Plotnik got up early, put his gloves and black trash bags into the car, took out all the usual trunk stuff and set it in the house, and then, car empty, took off for Tunnel Avenue to bag up another load of free compost.

When he got there the one thing that stood out is the steady if ragged line of trash pickers, almost all of them elderly Asians, who pulled enormous loads of (one assumes) recyclable goods behind them, or pushed the load in front with both arms outstretched, weaving down the street from the neighborhood half a mile in the distance. Who knows how long they walked to get here, or how little they'll collect for their efforts.

Yeah, those immigrants, just a bunch of lazy no-work good for nothings.

It's hard work and it was hot, but Plottie managed to get eight large bags of compost into Fritzbomb. Here's the detail of the job, if you care to apply next time: 1) Shoveling the stuff into the bags; 2) Lifting the bags into the car, 3) Lifting the bags back out of the car back home; 4) carrying them into the back yard from the street and 5) pouring the compost onto the prepared ground where you've already removed all the bulbs and rhizomes, severely pruned the lavender and turned the soil over a couple times.

But it only takes a couple hours and the results are well worth it. You'll notice that Plotnik's neighbor did NOT murder the bougainvillea this spring, in fact it probably looks better now that so much of it died off. These are hardy plants and tough to kill, thankfully.

There is probably a notice posted on the Neighborhood Cat Website alerting the troops to the nice new, soft, warm spot for a leisurely, uh, stroll at Great Plotnik World Headquarters.


At 11:48 AM, Blogger mary ann said...

Good job!

At 9:12 PM, Anonymous jj-aka-pp said...

A year or so ago, one of the news magazines spotlighted an international couple (can't remember...Asian...Hispanic)that had put all 4 of their children through college including extended degrees. they dumpster dive for aluminum cans.
That's a lot of cans.


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