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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Martinis, pizza and Pickle

Yesterday was a great day for the ghosts of Mel Ott, John J. McGraw and also for Chef Pickle. In the afternoon their favorite matzoball maker with the glistening smile had her first local book store stop to plug her new cookbook "The Wild Table."

Sarah's co-author is in the green sweatshirt. Plotnik knows neither woman will be in love with this photo but the store was so crowded it was impossible for Plottie to get them to pose, so this is all we got. The cookbook itself is lovely and is filled with Picklish recipes, as long as you have access to wild chanterelles, ramps or sea beans.

Afterwards, the Geez beat the Phoolz. It's destiny.

Last night, the Plotniks saw a very entertaining new play in SF Playhouse's Sandbox series. The play is called "Seven Days" and is well worth seeing (you can read the SF Theater Blog review of "Seven Days" here), but the best part of every show in this series is the small stage and audience packed right on top of all the action. The Plotniks enjoy B room shows here almost as much as the A room productions next door. And it's always entertaining to talk to the playwright and actors and production team after the show, which last night included martinis and pizza.

Martinis, pizza, new show, Pickle, G'z win. OK, Plotnik is not jumping for joy about the Giants, he can't make himself care that much about it, but he does like seeing the Phooliez lose. The other stuff was great.


At 6:04 PM, Blogger notthatlucas said...

Martinis and pizza? I'm trying not to care about the Giants either, but so far that ain't working out very well. And now I've got to Google "ramps" and find out why you'd want to eat them.


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