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Thursday, November 04, 2010

Ned Colletti with a Bottle of Manny Ramirez

Finally, orange can mean something besides the Champion Braindeads, although they did have their deliriously jubilant Victory Parade yesterday, marching right down Market Street in front of all the homeless people, no doubt wearing orange as well, and into City Hall Plaza.

That was Ned Colletti on the sidewalk with a bottle of Manny Ramirez, asking anyone who passed "Can you spare a pitcher?"

But all this is SO last baseball season. Last night it was Aunt Elegua wearing orange at A.C.T.'s scintillating "Marcus; or the Secret of Sweet." Plotnik would love to have Thanksgiving Dinner with Margo Hall, who plays Elegua and several other characters in the play, just to listen to her talk about pie. Or turkey. Or anything else for that matter.

It's a first class production, the last of the Brother-Sister Trilogy, written by a man who is probably not even thirty. Quite a feat. You can read The San Francisco Theater Blog review of "Marcus" here.

So now it's purple and gold for a few months. The Shmlakers are good again this year and, happily, so is Saint Plotniko's local basketball team. The Warriors have been so bad for so many people for so many years that Plot hasn't even given them a name yet. So we're working on it. They're fun to watch. Too bad they play in such a crummy arena in such a crummy part of a crummy town.

Hmmmm: The Nameless? The Smokeland Nameless?

But it's only a matter of time 'til they bring the team back to Saint Plotniko in a new arena down near BrainDead Stadium. As we showed yesterday, Saintplotnikians know how to treat a winner.


At 12:12 PM, Blogger notthatlucas said...

I know better, but still, it would be swell for the Warriors to make the Lakers sweat a bit. (Or a lot.)


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