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Sunday, November 07, 2010

A Star for Grandmummy P

That is Grandmummy Plotnik's star stuck on the city of Odessa, her birthplace. Plotnik put it there last night at the very entertaining performance of "Burning Libraries: Stories from the New Ellis Island" at Theater Artaud. The story is taken from immigrants' stories, as written down by their small grandchildren, and performed in dance, story and aerialism. It's quite novel, though short. You can read the San Francisco Theater Blog Review of "Burning Libraries" here.

When you walk in, they ask you to put tiny stick-em stars on a large wall map, to signify where your own grandparents came from. Plot only felt like putting one on, so he chose Odessa. The map was filled with Eastern European stars, plus some in Asia and some in Latin America. Not so much from Western Europe or Africa.

The Great BZWZ is visiting her Grandma in Stiletto City this weekend -- actually, she is already on the shuttle heading back to LAX. She flew in from a conference in Denver, where she presented a poster, and is now flying to Minneapolis, where she'll hook up with her room-mate and the two will fly back to Providence together.

Denver to Stiletto to Minneapolis to Providence, ehhh! Nothing to it. Of course, this is the woman who flew from Providence to Chicago to Amman, Jordan and back, with both domestic flight segments becoming horror stories. Piece o' cake.

Last night BZWZ, Little Bearnik, Mummy P., Nefnik, Fefnik, Vashnik and Dominant Force had dinner at Caroussel, the Plotnik family's long-time favorite restaurant in Stiletto City. Why does Plot mention this? Because he is sure that if HE had been there and suggested Caroussel, everyone would have gone "Ewwwww! That place in Hollywood? We don't want to go to Hollywood! It's too far. It's too close! It's too cold! It's too hot! All you want to eat is that foreign sh__. Ewww! Yukkk! Belch!"

But of course, when BZWZ suggested it they all said "Mmmm. Shish kebab! Let's get crackin'!"

Just sayin'.


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