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Friday, June 06, 2014

The Plotzers are our New Hot Water Heater

Woke up this morning to a blown-out hot water heater. But not like JJ-aka-PP's marathon experience, because we were lucky. Only a few hours later the new hot water heater is in and hopefully that will be that.

This is analogous to the baseball season.  The Plotzers are through with the pennant race, but they are still in the Wild Card Hunt. The pennant race is the old hot water heater, aka The Giants. We hauled away that dream and are now concentrating on the new hot water heater, which is the Cardinals, Braves, Rockies and anybody else.

Our team is really mediocre -- that's our warranty from last year. Good for three months and then tough noogies.

We can't hit at all. We have three exciting players in the lineup, Gordon, Crawford and Puig. After that we have Mr. Ground Ball, Mr. PopUp, Mr. Strikeout With Runners in Scoring Position and Mr. Triple A Calling.

Luckily, all we had to do to get a new hot water into the space where the old hot water was, was to dismantle the pantry cabinet. We had to remove all the cans of hope, bottles of excitement and boxes of baseball fun. Watching the Plotzers these days is like taking that cabinet apart and moving the oatmeal.


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