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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Surprise! (And More Food)

There are a million different things to blog about today, especially the surprise appearance of...

...Baby I, The Great FiveHead and The Great PunkyDunky, as a most fabulastical birthday surprise for The Great Plotnik. Ducknik had been concealing this for a month, and pulled it off with amazing alacrity (including buying a crib on Craig's List and concealing it in the attic).

Yesterday morning Plottie almost guessed what was going on, so Duck texted FiveHead and said "He's Onto Us." FiveHead then called her friend Jade-Nik the Shakespearean Temptress and the next thing Plotnik knew he got a phone call from Jade-Nik, in Stiletto City, saying: "Happy Birthday, Plottie. I'm at the gym with The Great FiveHead. Oh, 'Bye 5H! 'Bye Baby I!" Plottie put down the phone and said to himself "Rats! They're not coming up after all! I had it wrong."

Ten minutes later Duck came home and said "Plottie Dear, come out to the car and help me bring something in." Plot walked out and guess which pretty little thing was walking towards him, holding her Mommy and Daddy's hand? You got it.

Last night, Plot, Duck, PD, 5H and BI went to what may become the Plotniks' favorite local spot: Lupa, on 24th St. It's not a red tablecloth Italian restaurant, it's far better. All four eaters (one was asleep) agreed it was one of the best Italian meals they've ever eaten. The seafood risotto, osso buco and fetucinni with black truffle sauce were absolutely outstanding, and Lupa has the very best house-made Italian bread this side of the Big Shmapple, hands down.

Plot went to the Noe Valley Against The War peace march this morning. To call it pathetic is a bit much, We'll talk about that tomorrow.


At 4:18 PM, Blogger Karen said...

What a great birthday! Enjoy.

At 4:27 PM, Blogger mary ann said...

What a wonderful surprise! This is a delightful post.

At 12:36 PM, Anonymous notthatlucas said...

I gotta believe it is very hard to surprise you with something like that. Congrats Ducknik! Job well done.


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