The Great Plotnik

Sunday, June 08, 2014

What the Immediate Greats Are Doing

The Great PD takes off in six days for ten days in Israel with other educators. The Great 5H will be home with the family but hopefully will get to spend a good part of that time in Spring Glen. The Great BZWZ is starting to look for a more permanent place to live in Boulder, which will mean heading back to Atlanta to get the rest of her stuff. The Greats Plot and Duck will be in Boulder in a few weeks to visit, then head NE into Western South Dakota to visit the monuments there and allow The Great Ducknik to cross off Wyoming and South Dakota, thus lowering her US Life List to One: Alaska.

They started carving Crazy Horse's monument in 1948. Apparently they're blasting rock below his head right now, to form his horse.

The Great Mummy Plotnik's birthday is upcoming, and this isn't just a Big One with a 5 or an 0 on the end. This is a Double Big One. The celebration is still in question, but many options are being considered, not including rock climbing.


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